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Welcome to Pop & Lolli Baby and Pre-school

At Pop & Lolli Baby and Pre-school we have a hands-on approach and believe that the most important things we can give your child is love, individual attention, a safe and nurturing environment and age-appropriate, fun activities.

Established in 2009, Pop & Lolli Baby and Pre-school is a dual medium school with a stimulation program in all development phases for babies and toddlers from the age of 3 months to 5 years.

Our classes are small to ensure individual attention.

At Pop & Lolli Baby and Pre-school we strive to:

  • encourage our children to explore and learn through discovery, imagination and play
  • provide a safe, stimulating and homely environment where children can physically, emotionally and socially reach their fullest potential and growth
  • help develop a good self-esteem and a sense of confidence
  • develop language-, concentration-, listening-, and observation skills