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About us

Principal – Owner

Marléne de Bruin is the principal and owner of Pop & Lolli Baby and Pre-school. She and her staff are working together as a team to make Pop & Lolli Baby and Pre-school a unique, special and loveable home for every child.

Teachers and Assistants

Every teacher of Pop & Lolli Baby and Pre-school is hand-picked to the advantage of every child in our care. Our teachers have all the necessary skills and experience.

Development and Educational Programs

Pop & Lolli Baby and Pre-school will make use of GROW – an Outcome Based Education Stimulation Programme for babies and toddlers from 3 months to 2 years. CAPS (Curriculum & Assessment Policy Statement) will be used for children from 2 to 5 years.

Children with special needs

We are equipped to attend to normal day care of babies and toddlers. No personnel have received specialised training to take care of children with special needs or special requirements.


Nutritionally balanced breakfasts and lunches will be provided:

Please note that breakfast will be served at 07h45 daily. No breakfast will be served after 08h15. Please ensure that your child had breakfast if he/she arrives late.

Parents must please provide a morning and afternoon snack. Please ensure that you provide healthy snacks and water or juice.

We kindly request that no chips or sweets be provided.


Birthdays are very special days at Pop & Lolli Baby and Pre-school! If you wish to bring treats or something special, that’s great! Special time will be allocated for birthday parties in class from 9:30 to 10:00.

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